Union Law Helps Union Member Avoid Jail Time

disciplinary action

Supported by HPL’s Union Law a union member has avoided jail time and a hefty fine over a recent traffic incident earlier this year.

Appearing before a regional Queensland Court this month, the member was facing the possibility of three years in prison and fines totalling more than $24,000.

The member had a recent traffic history, mostly comprising of traffic violations.

The Prosecution submitted that a term of imprisonment, or at the very minimum a suspended sentence be imposed.

Acting on the advice of HPL’s Union Law, the member completed the Queensland Traffic Offenders Program, obtained a character reference from his employer, and made steps towards restitution.

In sentencing, the Court took in to account the mitigating steps that the member had taken, on the advice from HPL Union Law, and handed down fines totalling $2,700 and licence disqualification for only nine months.

If you are a union member and require any assistance in relation to defending criminal charges, contact your union for a referral to Hall Payne Lawyers’ Union Law today.