Mar 18 How to get a divorce in Australia

How do I get a divorce in Australia?

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The answer to that is fairly straight forward. You can apply for divorce after 12 months of separation. However as with all things in family law, it is rarely straight…

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Mar 12 What should I look out for in my employment contract?

I’ve got a new job. What should I be looking out for in my employment contract?

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Starting a new job can be a daunting and exciting experience and it is easy to get caught up in the prospect of starting rather than focusing on your employment…

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Mar 4 Who gets the family pets after separation?

The cats out of the bag! Who gets the family pets after separation?

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According to the RSPCA, domestic pet ownership in Australia is one of highest in world with 62% of Australian households owning pets. Accordingly, with over half of the Australian population…

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Mar 1 Ellie Bassingthwaighte Doyle's Award 2019

We’ve got a formally recognised Rising Star – Ellie Bassingthwaighte

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Our very own Ellie Bassingthwaighte has received the prestigious Doyle’s Award; “Employment & WHS Rising Stars – Australia, 2019”. Needless to say she is delighted, as is the firm and…

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Feb 25 Revenge porn - new laws for Queensland

Revenge porn – new Queensland laws set to come into play

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Revenge porn includes activities involving the sharing or posting of sexually explicit images of another person without their consent. The distribution of intimate personal recordings of sexual activity has been…

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