Industrial Relations

Hall Payne has practised in industrial relations for more than 25 years. We bring decades of experience to all aspects of industrial relations and the workplace, currently acting for some of Australia’s most respected unions, including the CFMEU, United Voice and the Electrical Trades Union.

Hall Payne’s award winning team is known for its incredible skill and focus, and can assist you in navigating the complex field of industrial relations. The legal advice we give to organisations and associated individuals is tailored, practical and goes to the heart of the matter.

Closely matching our proud history of supporting unions to protect workers’ rights, we also have considerable experience in employment law, helping employees secure better outcomes at work. Members of our client unions who need advice about employment issues should contact their union to arrange a referral to Hall Payne at union rates.

Our Expert

Luke Tiley


Luke Tiley is an Accredited Workplace Relations Law Specialist and heads up our award winning industrial relations team.

Common Questions

What areas of industrial relations do you work in?

Hall Payne have a long history of working across all aspects of industrial relations, with a reputation for fearlessly pursuing workers’ rights from the Fair Work Commission right through to the High Court of Australia. We work across:

  • Industrial disputes and litigation.
  • Protected and unprotected industrial action.
  • Pay equity and equal remuneration.
  • Workplace health and safety obligations.
  • Right of Entry.
  • Organisational rules and structures.
  • The interpretation of and enforcement of the Fair Work Act, industrial instruments and associated regulation.
  • Defence of prosecutions brought by regulatory agencies.

Does my organisation need legal representation for industrial matters?

Industrial relations is a complex, constantly changing area of the law. As a result of its highly politicised nature, it is subject to changes through federal legislation, and developments in the common law.

Hall Payne have a dedicated industrial relations team who work almost exclusively on niche areas of industrial relations. While you may be able to handle some industrial matters in house, having a dedicated team behind you at any stage of an industrial matter will mean you’re in a position to explore all avenues available to you and secure the best outcomes for your members.

Why choose Hall Payne?

Hall Payne have worked for over 25 years in the area of industrial relations, and house some of the Australia’s most accomplished lawyers in the area.

We work with some of the most respected unions in the country who choose us because of our skill, knowledge and commitment to principles of equality and fairness for workers. We have experience representing unions and their members from the Fair Work Commission right through to the High Court, and have been involved in some of Australia’s leading cases in industrial relations.

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